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"I am concerned with the way in which we humans see, or don´t see, the nature that surrounds us. I focus on the non-human lives that exist in the cities and that are usually considered too ordinary for us to pay attention to. I believe that investigating the ways in which such apparently insignificant beings affect our own lives could be a launchpad for weakening our anthropocentric way of thinking". 

b. Uruguay, 1988.

She works as a visual artist and teacher in Punta del Este, Uruguay. She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Art and Visual Culture at the Faculty of Arts of Montevideo. Previously, she graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry. She studied in the workshops of different artists from Montevideo and took contemporary art courses at the Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo and the Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo.

This year she received the FEFCA scholarship (awarded by the Uruguayan Ministry of Culture)  to carry out a painting residency at the ESKFF Foundation in New Jersey. Her work has been selected in the 51th edition of the Montevideo Award of Visual Arts (2023), as a prize in the Urban Planning Career of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (2021), in the 2021 edition of the Night of Museums, in the National Award for Visual Arts (2020), in the Paul Cézanne Award (2020, honorable mention), in the residences of the Contemporary Art Space (2018), in the calls of the Alliance Francoise (2017), among others. She has exhibited individually and collectively in Uruguay, Peru (Galería TM, Lima), Brazil (San Pablo, Uberbau_house) and her work is in private collections in Uruguay, Argentina, Austria, Israel and the United States.  

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