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The physics of the flight (I)

In the contemporary world, walking or wandering is a form of resistance, of being in the world and reducing it to our body’s proportions. The starting materials for this investigation are different findings obtained during various walks along the coasts of Montevideo, the artist's hometown. The main finding that serves as the plot for this research has to do with a seagull and its flight. Various approaches are made towards this object of study that vary in form and content: some imply a scientific approach such as the laws that describe the flight of birds and the anatomy of seagulls, and others address the archaeological findings collected on these beaches as well as the impressions and transcripts in notes, drawings and reflections that arouse there.


The story of these findings is not told chronologically nor linearly; instead, layers of different nature and time are juxtaposed. Past and recent events, as well as data of greater scientific accuracy than others coexist on the same level of relevance, giving rise to a multidimensional field where the appearance of new relationships and concepts is possible, where they can be redefined, applied and transformed.

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